calm «kahm, kahlm», adjective, noun, verb.
1. not stormy or windy; not stirred up; quiet; still: »

In fair weather the sea is usually calm.

SYNONYM(S): motionless, smooth, placid.
2. Figurative. not excited; peaceful: »

Although she was frightened, she answered with a calm voice.

1. absence of wind or motion; quietness; stillness: »

There was a sudden calm as the wind dropped.

2. Figurative. absence of excitement; peacefulness; tranquility: »

After the excitement of the birthday party the household settled into its usual calm. Ne'er saw I, never felt a calm so deep (Wordsworth).

3. Meteorology. a condition in which the wind has a velocity of less than 1 mile per hour (on the Beaufort scale, force 0).
to become calm: »

The crying baby soon calmed down. The storm ceased and the sea calmed.

to make calm: »

Mother calmed the frightened baby.

[< Old French calme < Italian calma < Late Latin cauma < Greek kaûma heat of the day (a time for rest) < kaíein to burn]
calm´ly, adverb.
calm´ness, noun.
Synonym Study adjective. 2 Calm, composed, collected mean not disturbed or excited. Calm means being or seeming to be completely undisturbed, showing no sign of being confused or excited: »

Mother's calm behavior quieted the frightened boy.

Composed means calm as the result of having or having got command over one's thoughts and feelings and, sometimes, an inner peace: »

She was composed at the funeral.

Collected emphasizes having control over one's actions, thoughts, and feelings, especially at times of danger or disturbance: »

He was collected as he led the rescuers.

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